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I plan to open a franchise location in Puerto Rico. What do I need to know about the Island’s real estate laws?

Puerto Rico’s real estate law is based on Spanish civil law tradition and differs from many other jurisdictions. Strict conditions need to be followed before a transaction can be recorded in the public registries. Deeds for both residential and commercial real estate must be prepared by a public notary. In Puerto Rico, only licensed attorneys

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What sort of business associations are available in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has a mix of both common law and civil law business associations. The General Corporations Act of 2009, which also includes all local provisions related to Limited Liability Companies (Compañías de Responsabilidad Limitada) was modeled from both the Delaware General Corporations Act and the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act. Although essentially the same

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What is Puerto Rico’s Distribution Law (Law 75) and how will it affect my business?

Distribution Law 75 is unique to Puerto Rico; few jurisdictions have enacted similar laws. Law 75 is a patriarchal law that regulates the relationship between principals and on-Island distributors. It creates a complex framework for business and commercial relationships that is unique to Puerto Rico. Estrella’s strong consumer affairs practice provides assistance to international and

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