Estrella, LLC is not your typical Puerto Rico litigation firm. Our unique firm culture starts with our friendly and relaxed attitude. Instead of fostering a stuffy, pretentious atmosphere, we make our clients feel at home. From the moment they step foot into our offices, our clients find a warm and welcoming environment. We want to be more than­­ just their lawyers; we want to be their business partners.

Our Attorneys are Always Accessible

One of our key goals is to keep our clients coming back for all of their legal needs. We offer exceptional client service by making ourselves available at all times. Unlike other downtown Puerto Rico firms, our attorneys are approachable. We are confident in our ability to provide outstanding results for our clients.   In fact, our successful track record speaks for itself.

Because we value every client, we maintain a 24-hour response policy which ensures that our clients’ questions are always answered in a timely manner. Our superior responsiveness demonstrates to our clients that we can address all of their legal issues while keeping them informed throughout the legal process.

Culture of Excellence

Do not be fooled by our relaxed office atmosphere. The attorneys at Estrella, LLC excel at their work.  We emphasize professional development for every attorney, including in-house trial advocacy training and competitions that hone our attorneys’ litigation skills. Our trial lawyers receive training from the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), which means our clients receive top-notch legal advocacy on every case.

Estrella, LLC is a results-oriented Puerto Rico litigation firm. We focus on providing aggressive and effective advocacy for our clients so that we can attain the best possible outcome for their business. Our firm attracts attorneys with a broad variety of backgrounds and experiences. This diversity of backgrounds produces creative solutions to complex legal problems. Regardless of which attorney handles a particular case, we work as a team and encourage collaboration to achieve results.

Your Business is Our Business

Our attorneys understand that every business is unique. That is why our philosophy is Your Business is Our Business. We adhere to this philosophy because we value each and every client and our goal is to provide exceptional, customized legal representation to all of our clients.

To provide the best representation for our clients, we visit each of our clients’ offices free of charge to learn the ins and outs of their daily activities. We enjoy getting to know our clients and learning about their successes and struggles so that we can develop a strong working knowledge of their business. Our commitment to understanding our clients’ business operation sets us apart from other downtown Puerto Rico law firms and enables us to provide exceptional representation for each distinct client. By understanding the details of how a business works, we gain valuable insight into the business’s concerns and needs. We become a business partner who provides comprehensive, highly customized advice for all of our clients’ legal needs.

Estrella, LLC values collaboration. We invite participation not only from all attorneys at our firm, but from our clients as well. Our clients run some of the most successful business operations in the world and their input is essential to our firm’s success. With our clients’ insight and contribution, our attorneys can tailor their services to best address every legal issue and further every business goal.

Customized Fee Arrangements

When we say that we value our clients, we mean it. Our ultimate goal is client satisfaction. We build trusted relationships so that every client returns to us for legal advice whenever necessary.

Because our clients are unique and their legal needs vary significantly, we provide flexible fee arrangements. Our fee arrangements include flat-fees for handling a litigation matter from start to finish as well as retainer agreements that are customized to each client’s particular needs. This flexibility helps our clients save money and protect their bottom line.