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Caribbean Business Publishes Article by Jose Melendez: Have you done your business risk assessment lately?

Legal Tidbits: Have you done your business risk assessment lately? We normally talk about preventive medicine to keep our bodies working adequately — taking vitamins, watch 0what we eat, get annual medical check-ups and exercise. Any business needs similar preventive measures because it is more important to prevent issues than trying to solve them once

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Popular Risk (a division of Banco Popular) Acquires GBC

Banco Popular Acquires GBC We would like to congratulate our client GBC, and our friends Luis and Marcos, for the successful sale of their business to Banco Popular.  Estrella, LLC, led by our Corporate Practice Manager Pedro Barceló, served as GBC’s legal counsel for this transaction.  Best wishes for continued success!

Estrella, LLC’s Ken Suria and Alberto Estrella and GWU Law School Dean David Johnson Judge GW Upper-level Mock Trial Competition

GWU Law School’s Upper-level Mock Trial Competition was held on Saturday, October 25. 3Ls David Seidel & Sean Callaghan won the competition. The final bench was composed of Alberto Estrella (JD ’94), Estrella LLC (San Juan, PR); Ken Suria, Estrella LLC (San Juan, PR); and Dean David Johnson. David Seidel was also selected as the

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NRF Foundation Releases Study Shedding Light on Benefits of Retail Jobs

NRF Foundation Report A new study by University of Georgia economist Jeffrey H. Dorfman, and released by the NRF Foundation, indicates that careers in the retail industry are financially rewarding and that employees who decide to make full-time careers in retail can rise rapidly from entry-level positions into well-paying management and executive positions. Professor Dorfman’s

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Governor Signs Laws Amending Two Employment Statutes

Governor signs laws amending two employment statutes to expand scope of protected activity in retaliation cases and remedies available for violations to the local vacation and leave statute In line with what promises to be a reiterated pattern of complicating  the already difficult and challenging employment environment in the Island, on September 29, 2014 the

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