Real Estate Law

Estrella, LLC specializes in protecting the rights and interests of its clients in real estate and real property, both commercial and residential.  We provide protections for buyers, sellers, land owners, developers, contractors, and real estate agents. Our attorneys specialize in a variety of legal issues that can include: sales, purchases, leasing and other transfers of real estate and real property; title to real property; settlement of claims against property rights; landlord-tenant issues; property development; zoning and land use; related agriculture issues and environmental compliance; financing, mortgages and foreclosures; and various other relevant topics.

Our experienced attorneys are involved in transactional work, most often drafting, negotiating and closing transactions facilitating the business of real estate, including: (i) selling, buying, and leasing land, buildings, housing, natural resources or any other interests in real estate; and (ii) development and use of property and managing the state and local approval processes.   We also spend much of our time counseling clients about these matters.

As part of commercial transactions, due diligence investigations become a large part of the work we do.  These due diligence investigations can include: review of the physical details of the property and can include an environmental investigation (to ensure there is no contamination), review the leases of any tenants at the property, and review of the title to make sure the seller actually owns the property and there are no easements, mortgages or other liens on the property, including tax liens.

Our experienced litigators also represent our clients when estate disputes arise. Such litigation has involved breach of contract, zoning compliance, construction defect, foreclosure, homeowners’ associations, or boundary disputes, among other issues.