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Preview of Caribbean Business Article: “Don’t mess with the Mouse: Protecting your Intellectual Property”

“Don’t mess with the Mouse: Protecting your Intellectual Property” By Sebastián Torres, Esq. He is one of the world’s most famous characters.  Market researchers estimate a 97% recognition rate in the United States that surpasses even Santa Claus.  Brand experts estimate its value to exceed $3 billion.  I am talking about the ultimate symbol of

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Court of Appeals Imposes Responsibility on Mother of Child Visiting Retail Store

Vargas Ramos v Walmart Firm Member Andrés Colberg successfully handled a case for Walmart where a minor visiting a Walmart Store in Puerto Rico “tackled” another customer, causing the other customer physical damages.  The case against Walmart was dismissed at trial by way of directed verdict, and the trial court found the minor’s mother responsible for

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Mergers & Acquisitions: A Buyer’s Guide (by Pedro Barcelo, Esq.)

Caribbean Business: “Mergers & Acquisitions: A Buyer’s Guide” There are essentially three kinds of sellers in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions: (i) the private seller, which is usually has small group of owners (entrepreneurs or family); (ii) the public company seller; and (iii) a big company selling a portion of itself. Regardless of the deal

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Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) to Amend Regulation

The Puerto Rico Department of Consumer Affairs gave notice today that it proposed to amend its Regulation Against Deceptive Practices and False Advertisements.  This marks the beginning of a rule making process that will include public hearings.  The proposed amendments contemplate significant restrictions to common advertising and marketing practices, a major step back for retailers in Puerto Rico.