About Us

Estrella, LLC is a full-service Puerto Rico business law firm that represents industry leading clients. We are one of the oldest and most experienced law firms in Puerto Rico. Our firm employs first-rate attorneys who provide comprehensive representation to a diverse group of blue-chip clients.

Powerhouse Litigation Firm

You may wonder why we chose to name the firm Estrella, LLC.  Simply put, it was in honor of the firm’s founder, William Estrella. Except, it was not merely to honor him but to remind each and every attorney, from associate to member, the value of hard work, dedication and determination. For over 50 years our Founder led the way and inspired many of us by his exemplary standards of ethics and discipline when handling some of the most important litigation cases for top clients in Puerto Rico. William Estrella became the firm’s “magnetic compass” to which we all go to for guidance when litigating cases in hopes to tap into the treasure of wisdom his many years of litigating experience offered.  Even after his passing, his compass still guides the firm.

As one of the oldest firms in Puerto Rico, Estrella, LLC built its reputation by delivering thoughtful, comprehensive and cost-effective litigation strategies to some of Puerto Rico’s highest-profile companies. Our attorneys are results driven and diligent in preparing for trial, leaving no stone unturned. Our top priority in each lawsuit is ensuring that our clients’ long-term goals shape our litigation strategy so that our clients succeed and prosper.

Due to our island-wide practice, we are uniquely equipped to assess case value and exposure due to the ability to learn past judgment amounts. Our knowledge of local judges and ability to assess client exposure make our attorneys uniquely equipped to advise clients and help them make well-informed decisions about their cases.

NITA-Trained Lawyers

Estrella, LLC’s trial lawyers are trained through the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), a well-respected organization that offers intensive advocacy training. The skills gained during NITA training prepare our attorneys for the heavy demands of litigation. Our attorneys anticipate the challenges that arise during litigation and formulate creative and effective responses. Our clients can relax knowing that our attorneys will keep their best interests in mind. Throughout each lawsuit, our attorneys work diligently to attain the best possible outcome to match the client’s long-term goals.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients and their litigation concerns. We file and defend cases in both state and federal court.”

Premier Retail Law Practice

Estrella, LLC provides Puerto Rico’s most sophisticated retail and consumer affairs practice.  In doing so, we have assisted many retail businesses make their entry to the Island, expand their establishments and grow throughout Puerto Rico. As the largest retail industry law firm in Puerto Rico, our firm represents high-profile corporate clients such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Simon Property Group, Pacific Sunwear, Anna’s Linens, JC Penney, Advance Auto Parts, CompUSA, Game Stop, CVS and Microsoft Stores.

High-Quality Legal Representation

Estrella, LLC offers exceptional, personalized legal counsel to our clients. Our firm is unique from other Puerto Rico law firms because we are able to attract attorneys with the highest caliber of talent and expertise in their respective practice areas.

Our attorneys rely on collaboration and teamwork to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our firm has achieved significant success by combining the skills and assets of our attorneys to deliver comprehensive legal representation. We value ongoing relationships with our clients, some of whom have relied on the firm’s legal assistance for more than 50 years.

Our lawyers follow the “sundown rule,” meaning that all attorneys respond to phone calls and emails the same day they are received. Because our clients value the responsiveness of our legal team, they trust Estrella, LLC to handle their legal matters.

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Our law firm has built its reputation by providing exceptional legal service to our clients. We treat our clients with respect and work to identify cost-effective solutions to their legal issues. Whether we are offering straightforward legal advice or involved in complex litigation, we are dedicated to helping clients reach their goals and achieve success.  Contact Estrella, LLC today to discuss your legal needs.