Business Immigration

Estrella, LLC’s Business Immigration Practice provides a wide range of legal services for employers seeking temporary business visas and permanent residence on behalf of foreign national employees. Our immigration practice group consists of dedicated immigration lawyers who work with our clients in developing appropriate strategies to facilitate the international transfer of skilled employees. Our practice is designed to provide superior client service at competitive rates. Our attorneys are proactive in handling client matters―from case initiation to case strategy and planning to the successful completion of the case―always remaining accessible to all of our clients.

The Estrella LLC Advantage

At Estrella, LLC we pride ourselves on our ability to handle client issues quickly and effectively.  We provide innovative immigration solutions to facilitate your company’s immigration challenges. Our Business Immigration Practice Group’s personalized client services provides our clients with the ability to directly keep track of their immigration processes, with no information delays.

We add value to our services by taking advantage of the most advanced technology in the market. We connect with our clients through the use of an innovative interactive immigration portal that maintains them informed of the status of all application processes.

Our specialized HR Portal allows our clients to directly access their employee status and even request new cases or processes. Some of the features available online to our customers include:

  • Access to the foreign national employee database
  • Access to employee status for easy corroboration
  • Facilitated exchange of documents and information for cases
  • Prompt communication with case attorneys
  • Access to reports on pending immigration matters, among others.

Premium Business Immigration Services Provided

We specifically offer services for preparing and filing all types of business immigration visas in virtually all business categories.

These include:

  • Foreign worker petitions (temporary visas for specialty occupation workers and professionals)
  • Intercompany-transfers (L-1 A for managers and executives or L-1 B for specialized knowledge intercompany transfer)
  • Treaty traders or Investor Visas (E visas)
  • Employment Certifications
  • S. Department of Labor Certifications, among others

We provide counsel for our clients to meet their immigration needs and to ensure compliance under the U.S. immigration laws regarding the employment of U.S. and foreign nationals.

We can also help coordinate the outbound transfers of U.S. employees to overseas worksites, using our strong international connections with local overseas law firms.