Estrella, LLC is one of the oldest law firms in Puerto Rico.  Our history dates back to the early 1900’s. At that time, all of Puerto Rico’s banks and law firms were located in Old San Juan.

Prior to the Spanish-American War, the building where our firm is located was at the site of the Spanish Post Office. After the war, the firm, then known as Rounds, Hatch, Dillingham and Debevoise, a New York City based law firm, opened a branch office and continued to serve its mainland clients, including Exxon, the Coca-Cola Company and the South Puerto Rico Sugar Co.

In the 1930’s, the former governor of Puerto Rico, James R. Beverley, joined the firm. Beverly became the managing partner before later acquiring the firm and renaming it the James R. Beverley Law Offices.

In 1960, William Estrella joined the James R. Beverley Law Offices. He acquired the firm in 1974. When Estrella first took over, the firm operated as a sole proprietorship.  In 1998, William Estrella Law Offices became a professional services corporation.  Many of the firm’s early clients such as the Texas Oil Company, which later became Texaco then Chevron and now Puma Energy, continue as clients to this day. The William Estrella Law Offices, now called Estrella, LLC, is honored to represent some of the world’s largest corporations.

The firm’s high standards of excellence attract prestigious international companies such as Wal-Mart Stores, Puma Energy, Chevron, Home Depot, Copa Airlines, Microsoft, NCMIC Insurance Group, and many others.