Oil & Energy

Energy is a valuable resource with many competing interests at stake. Estrella, LLC is the most sophisticated gasoline industry law practice in Puerto Rico. The attorneys at Estrella, LLC have worked on legal issues related to the oil and gas industry for many decades.

Estrella, LLC has represented clients in the following subsets of oil and energy law:

  • Day-to-Day Consultation
  • Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA)
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Renewable Energy

Decades of Oil and Energy Experience

At Estrella, LLC, our attorneys have an unmatched understanding of oil and energy law.  In fact, as one of the oldest Puerto Rico law firms, we have over 50 years of experience representing companies in the oil and gas industry.  We successfully resolved disputes for large energy and gas companies such as Chevron/Texaco and newcomer, Puma Energy.  We skillfully negotiate and complete complex real estate transactions related to oil and energy supplies. We offer litigation support related to real estate transactions, collections, evictions and other conflicts that commonly arise in the oil and gas industry. We handle various legal matters affecting mid-to downstream markets as well as provide day-to-day consultation on issues related to wholesaler-retailer agreements.  Estrella, LLC is an undisputed leader in all aspects of oil and energy law in Puerto Rico.

PMPA Litigation

The Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA) is a federal law that governs petroleum supply contracts. The intent of the PMPA is to protect gasoline distributors and retailers against arbitrary nonrenewal or termination of franchises. Oil and gas production involves the relationship between many competing interests. Land owners, mineral rights owners, surface owners, easement owners, investors, suppliers, vendors and government agencies may hold rights and interests. Litigating PMPA cases requires a unique skillset and our trial lawyers possess the necessary skills and experience to handle PMPA litigation from start to finish.

Sophisticated Gasoline Industry Law Practice

By offering a highly sophisticated and comprehensive gasoline-oriented practice in Puerto Rico, Estrella, LLC has had the honor of working with internationally-recognized companies. For example, we handled all of Chevron’s (Texaco) legal matters in Puerto Rico until they exited the market in 2012.  In a significant litigation victory, we successfully represented Chevron in a class action lawsuit made up of nearly two million consumers. Although the potential exposure to Chevron exceeded $100 million, we were able to settle the case for a small fraction of that amount.  We secured a result that not only reduced the damage payout by Chevron but also avoided a prolonged and unpredictable trial for our client. We now represent Puma Energy, the vibrant new owner that acquired Chevron’s marketing operations in Puerto Rico.