Estrella, LLC employs talented lawyers who are skilled in entrepreneurship law. We serve entrepreneurs and business owners interested in starting and growing their companies.

Start-Up and Entity Formation

We advise entrepreneurs and business owners during the initial phase of business formation and assist clients in developing a solid business plan. We explain various options for financing with details regarding the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Our attorneys counsel entrepreneurs about the implications of entity formation, discussing tax implications, flexibility, partnerships, filing documents, and personal liability.

Companies seeking to build or expand their business in Puerto Rico face unique differences in Puerto Rico law, making the Island’s business laws complicated and difficult to navigate. Our attorneys guide entrepreneurs through this complicated intersection of laws to start the business on a strong foundation.

Tax and Business Structures

The attorneys at Estrella, LLC are experienced advisors who guide clients in understanding the diverse types of business structures and the tax implications of each.  We recommend business structures that can protect business owners from liability and enable strategic planning for the future.  Since businesses established in Puerto Rico are responsible for paying most U.S. federal taxes as well as Commonwealth taxes, we explain the tax structures that will affect each business. We will also assess on whether there are any particular tax incentives laws and regulations applicable to your business.

Intellectual Property Protection.

Our firm’s intellectual property law practice has continued to evolve throughout the years. Our practice includes local and federal registration and litigation regarding trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition and advertising matters.

Shareholders and Membership Agreements

When forming a business, it is vital to create seamless agreements that specify the rights and responsibilities of the company’s shareholders or members. Depending on the type of business entity selected, Estrella, LLC will draft the appropriate shareholder or membership agreement for the business. Under the counsel of our business attorneys, companies work with us to develop a solid business structure that will prevent conflict and misunderstandings in the future.  Large international corporations return to Estrella, LLC time and again for legal advice because we take the time to learn our clients’ long-term goals and vision. We then take that understanding and draft legal documents that will provide long-lasting protection and guidance for their organization.

Venture Capital and Term Sheets

Structuring funding and venture capital transactions can be a daunting task for founders.  Our legal team of Estrella, LLC will guide entrepreneurs through the negotiations and in framing the funding transaction, from issues involving pre-money valuation, post-money equity, and avoidance of down rounds, to pre-emption rights and anti-dilution provisions, and demand, information and redemption rights.

Customized, Reliable Legal Advice

Business founders should secure the assistance of a reputable business law firm prior to entering into any discussions with potential investors. The attorneys at Estrella, LLC take the time to understand a business’s goals and help a business owner plan for the future. With this knowledge, our attorneys can craft a persuasive list of terms that will offer potential investors security while offering the business owner the protection necessary to prevent future conflicts and failed negotiations. Given our firm’s vast business experience in Puerto Rico, we can identify potential problems that may arise for a company and offer effective and cost-effective solutions.