Industry Oriented Practices

Estrella, LLC is a one-stop shop for corporate clients in Puerto Rico. We are skilled in a wide range of industry-related practice areas. Estrella, LLC became one of the top law firms on the Island by serving high caliber clients in these various industries. We combine our extensive knowledge of how companies work with our in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations affecting these industries to offer unparalleled counsel in both commercial litigation and transactional matters.


We offer the most sophisticated and comprehensive retail practice in Puerto Rico. As the law firm of choice for the leading retailers in the world, we serve new and existing retailers in Puerto Rico, providing consultation and litigation support in numerous areas of business law. We are honored that leading international retailers have selected our firm to represent them and we are proud to have contributed to the financial success of these clients by achieving significant legal victories.

Oil & Energy

Companies in the oil and energy industry will not find a more experienced and sophisticated gasoline industry practice in Puerto Rico than Estrella, LLC. Our knowledgeable attorneys tackle all types of legal matters related to mid- and downstream markets. Further, we offer day-to-day consultation related to wholesaler-retailer agreements and transactions. We have partnered with numerous clients to negotiate and secure real estate transactions. Although we do our best to protect our clients from costly litigation, our NITA-trained trial lawyers represent our oil and gas clients when necessary. Often, litigation relates to real estate transactions, wholesaler-retailer agreements, collections, evictions and other factors related to the industry and our attorneys have handled all of these issues.

In addition, our attorneys offer expertise in the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA), a federal law that governs petroleum supply products. We represent clients with PMPA litigation as well as issues related to renewable energy and power purchase agreements.

Higher Education

Estrella, LLC has the privilege of working with some of the top universities on the Island. When private universities faced governance issues, we contributed practical solutions. Not only do we offer comprehensive consultation on the day-to-day operations of higher education institutions, but we also provide litigation support when necessary.

Franchising & Distribution

Our franchising and distribution section is comprised of attorneys who have represented major principals and distributors. We draft agreements relating to distribution and sales while counseling on the complex Puerto Rican laws pertaining to franchising and distribution. Our knowledge of commercial and franchise law has propelled our firm to its status as one of the premier consumer affairs practices on the Island.


Representing hospitals, medical insurance companies, device distributors and chiropractors, Estrella, LLC addresses all areas of health law in Puerto Rico. Many issues these companies face overlap with multiple areas of law. Our team of attorneys is qualified to handle virtually all legal issues faced by health care providers, insurance companies and medical device distributors.


Entrepreneurship requires passion and a substantial investment of resources. Estrella, LLC provides comprehensive legal assistance with all phases of business, from business formation and financing to long-term planning. Companies seeking to start a business in Puerto Rico face challenges that differ from those faced in other jurisdictions. Entrepreneurs trust Estrella, LLC to help them build a strong business and set the foundation for long-term success.

Exempt Organizations

Creating a tax-exempt organization requires detailed knowledge of Puerto Rico’s laws and requirements. Estrella, LLC has aided numerous organizations in attaining tax-exempt status. Not only do we ensure that the paperwork is properly completed and filed, but once an organization is granted tax-exempt status, we often continue to advise on day-to-day operations.