I own a U.S.-based retail business and wish to expand into Puerto Rico. Are laws in Puerto Rico similar to those in the U.S.?

Although Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, many of its laws are unique to the Island. Puerto Rico’s employment laws offer many more protections to the employee than U.S. laws. Prospective employers need to understand the Island’s labor and employment laws before hiring workers in Puerto Rico. Estrella, LLC earned its reputation as a premier retail practice by providing reliable legal counsel to numerous companies seeking to do business in Puerto Rico.

Other areas in which Puerto Rico laws may differ from U.S. laws include land use and business laws.  These areas are heavily regulated in Puerto Rico and often are overwhelming to those wishing to open businesses on the Island. Estrella, LLC has decades of experience advising local, U.S. and international businesses on the complex land use and business laws in Puerto Rico. Our familiarity and experience with the process of launching new business ventures on the Island helps business owners expedite the process and avoid common pitfalls.