From Default to Transfer

Last week, the Estrella federal team succeeded in having a case transferred from the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico to its counterpart in the District of New Jersey.  The case, which involves a contract dispute arising out of an auction of  certain sports memorabilia that took place in South Carolina, arrived at our office with a default already entered against one of the defendants.  After vacating the default entered against the particular defendants, we moved to dismiss or on the alternative to  transfer the case to the federal district of New Jersey.  Here, plaintiffs are citizens of Puerto Rico, but defendants are all citizens of the State of New Jersey; including a corporation, which has its principal place of business in South Carolina.  The contract subject  of the lawsuit was signed in New Jersey and called for the application of New Jersey law to any dispute arising out of the contract.  After reviewing the briefs submitted by the parties, the court concluded that the case simply did not belong in Puerto Rico and  transferred it to the federal district court of New Jersey.

A copy of the Opinion & Order can be found here:,%20LLC%20v.%20Paragon%20Auctions,%20LLC