Firm Wins Jury Verdict for Professional in First Chiropractic Professional Liability Federal Trial in Puerto Rico

Estrella LLC is the preeminent firm in Puerto Rico for chiropractic malpractice defense, with over 20 years representing the chiropractic profession. This month, our trial team composed of Ken Suria and Odemaris Chacon, convinced a federal jury to return a unanimous verdict in favor of our chiropractor client.  The case presented a claim for chiropractic malpractice and negligence against a chiropractor who had treated the plaintiff for a total of three days.  Plaintiff, who had an extensive history of back problems, claimed that he was injured during a manual spinal adjustment session that he declined to consent.  The doctor denied that any such adjustment happened, and further claimed that the surgery that the plaintiff suffered was as a result of his prior accident and of a subsequent accident that he suffered in his home post chiropractic visits.  Of significance in this case is that for the first time in Puerto Rico, a chiropractor was held to a similar standard of care as a doctor in medicine.  In addition, the court allowed the chiropractor to claim, and as such instructed the jury, the defense of presumption of correctness.