Estrella, LLC Attorneys Join L2BAviation Network

L2b Press Release

Estrella, LLC is pleased to announce that it recently joined the L2b Aviation lawyers network, a highly selective society of the world’s premier network of independent aviation law firms

This prestigious network of specialized law firms has been selected by Chambers in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 as the Best Global Aviation Law Network.

“It is critical for the bottom line and reputation of organizations in the aviation industry to be advised by a team of experts in aviation law”, emphasized Alberto Estrella, Managing Member of Estrella LLC.

L2bAviation members are widely recognized as providing tailored, responsive, consistent and personal service. Members offer the required local contacts and expertise to the highest professional standard providing at the same time an exceptional platform for seamless legal multilingual services for cross-border cases and transactions.

Much like Estrella LLC, L2bAviation’s goal is to provide swift, efficient and sector focused legal advice. Estrella LLC and L2bAviation are committed to understanding clients’ objectives and to ensure that services help finalize deals and are aimed at working creatively and pro-actively with them to provide practical and commercial solutions to legal problems.