Do You Know What is an UAS?

Unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), more commonly known as “drones” are revolutionizing airspace and commerce. This technology has grown exponentially, with businesses in different industries incorporating UAS’ into their operations. Large online retailers have brought attention to this movement by announcing their intent to introduce UAS technology to deliver merchandise directly at customers’ doors. In Puerto Rico, the drone movement has been big for photography. Many photographers are drawn to the use of UAS’ to further their services using images captured by drones of Puerto Rico’s landscapes. In fact, after Hurricane Maria, drones were used to capture the devastation and identify the areas in need. This technology has certainly proven useful and a great tool for advancement, whether commercial, aide or other purposes. But, many of drone users are unaware of the restrictions and requirements under the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”). Drone pilots and drone owners are responsible for the safety of their drone, the FAA recommends all drone owners to register their drone as a safety measure. However, registration of the drone does not suffice for commercial drone operations. For example, did you know that to be eligible to operate a commercial small UAS the FAA requires the operator to get a remote pilot certificate? The FAA regulatory framework is only scratching the surface, a stricter regime is soon to come, drone users must be aware of all requirements and restrictions of their unmanned flights.

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