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What is Puerto Rico’s Distribution Law (Law 75) and how will it affect my business?

Distribution Law 75 is unique to Puerto Rico; few jurisdictions have enacted similar laws. Law 75 is a patriarchal law that regulates the relationship between principals and on-Island distributors. It creates a complex framework for business and commercial relationships that is unique to Puerto Rico. Estrella’s strong consumer affairs practice provides assistance to international and

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I own a U.S.-based retail business and wish to expand into Puerto Rico. Are laws in Puerto Rico similar to those in the U.S.?

Although Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, many of its laws are unique to the Island. Puerto Rico’s employment laws offer many more protections to the employee than U.S. laws. Prospective employers need to understand the Island’s labor and employment laws before hiring workers in Puerto Rico. Estrella, LLC earned its reputation

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