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Caribbean Business Publishes Article by Jose Melendez: Have you done your business risk assessment lately?

Legal Tidbits: Have you done your business risk assessment lately? We normally talk about preventive medicine to keep our bodies working adequately — taking vitamins, watch 0what we eat, get annual medical check-ups and exercise. Any business needs similar preventive measures because it is more important to prevent issues than trying to solve them once

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Governor Signs Laws Amending Two Employment Statutes

Governor signs laws amending two employment statutes to expand scope of protected activity in retaliation cases and remedies available for violations to the local vacation and leave statute In line with what promises to be a reiterated pattern of complicating  the already difficult and challenging employment environment in the Island, on September 29, 2014 the

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Term to File Appeal in Summary Procedure Employment Cases Shortened

On August 6, 2014 the Governor of Puerto Rico signed yet another piece of legislation that affects the interests of employers in the Island.   By signing Law 133 of 2014, the Governor approved the latest amendment made to the summary procedure for employment cases under Law 2 of 1961, which already substantially limits an employer’s

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